About Wendy

I believe it's important to give back to the community we live in. 10% of sales will go to the local food bank.

Wendy Millard Art & Design

Hi! I’m Wendy. I’m a painter, a graphic designer, a mom, a wife, and a proud owner of a black pug named Frankie. I have two kids that I’m super proud of and a husband who indulges me in my early morning paint sessions rather than taking the dog out for his morning walk!

My Inspiration

We live in Sydenham which is a small village in Ontario, Canada. A little walk gets us to beautiful Sydenham Lake and the Cataraqui Trail. I find my inspiration for painting comes from nature, plants growing in my garden or from the local flower farmers, the lake and trail with our beautiful pine trees that are shaped by time and their environment.

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Video of my art practice

My art practice

I have a successful career as a graphic designer, but love to just be able to play and do whatever magically appears to come out when putting down paint to paper. If you’ve ever read Melissa Gilbert’s book Big Magic you’ll understand there is always this spirit guiding and inspiring me at each brush stroke — not every day or every time but if you just let yourself be in that moment —magic can happen.

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