Sometimes you just gotta paint

Sometimes you just gotta paint

watercolour floral bouquet of violets and dandelions by Wendy Millard

Life has been busy and I haven't been doing as much painting as I would like to but I've been trying to get back to morning painting. Just grabbing a few dandelions and violets and a few other odds and ends from the yard is enough to get inspired with. 

Love keeping it loose on this Arches Rough heavy weight paper and adding in just enough detail but not overworking it. The hint of pink in the stem of a dandelion is just "love". 

Yellow and purple flowers complement each other because they are opposites on the colour wheel and pop when placed next to each other.

Are you someone who would love to have art be part of your day? It's such a relaxing way to disconnect from the world and just play. The birds were chirping and the rain was falling this down this morning and I was quite content to just be.

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