Holiday Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments

November 14, 2021

Wendy Millard watercolour ornaments

This will be the second year that I'll be selling these wooden ornaments in support of a local charity. The proceeds this year will be going to Kingston Interval House. I've already directed my United Way donation towards this charity and will be sending more funds to help support the important work they do.

Did anyone watch Maid on Netflix? 

It's a heartbreaking yet inspiring story about a young single mom's perseverance to do the best for her daughter, leaving an abusive relationship and fights every step of the way to get her life back on track. It takes so much courage to leave a bad relationship and do what's right for you and your children. My heart goes out to anyone suffering domestic violence and wish this helps in some way. 

The series inspired me to do more to help support our local emergency crisis centre for women and children escaping from domestic abuse. 

The ornaments will be available through the Kingston Holiday Market this year starting November 18th at noon or DM me directly.

Last year I couldn't figure out how to do watercolour on wood and switched to acrylic paint but this year I've figured out a process in which to prep, paint and seal the watercolour paintings. 

I use a gloss or matte medium to seal the wood first. Then Watercolour Ground which you can find at a local art store or Michaels. I use a palette knife to spread as consistent layer as possible onto the wooden ornament. Let dry and then do my usual watercolour painting. It’s pretty true to paper in that you can let the water and paint blend together, sponge off sections for highlights etc. As a final step I use a cold wax medium to seal the art. This should protect it from moisture. 

They are still watercolour though so avoid bright sunlight or it will loose its colour over time. With them only being out for the holiday season and carefully packaged away the rest of the year, I expect that they will last for many holiday seasons to come.

 There are the themes of pine cones, birch trees and landscapes this year to choose from and there are 100 in total (30 have already left the building!).

*update! I’ve created 200! Twice my goal for this year. Next year though maybe I should start sooner!!

Wendy Millard Art Ornaments Abstract Landscape

These are extra special on a gift as a tag, on a bottle of wine as my girlfriend does, or stuffed in a stocking or card to a loved one this holiday season.

wendy millard art ornaments pine cone



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Thank you for sharing your process! I love following your work on Instagram!


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